My client was looking to develop and launch an online portal ‘MyTasmeem’ to connect the region’s (Middle East) creative designers/freelancers with the clients. The portal aimed to provide a melting pot of Middle Eastern designers with the opportunity to create their profile, showcase their portfolio, and projects and bid on them and for clients to find/hire freelance talent.

I was approached by the client to create an engaging but easy to use UX/UI of the MyTasmeem website. A user takes just 7 seconds to decide whether to stay at a website or leave it. What is the most compelling factor for such a quick decision? It is the design of the website, the elements, colors, headings, an overall look that helps the user’s decision of staying or leaving the site. A website should be that much impressive and convincing to grab the attention of the users in initial 7 seconds.

I began with creating a sitemap and information architecture for the portal. Next I proceeded to creating wireframes.

The first most important aspect of myTasmeen was that the website was culture-specific, catering to the specific cultural needs of the target audience. I employed the use of calligraphy, sketchy illustrations, Arabic patterns & colours to achieve the desired ‘feel’. For a contemporary look, I created very neat layouts with modern typefaces, and flat icons across all the internal pages. The UX was a set of highly intuitive layouts making it the smoothest user experience possible.

My Role in the Project

  • Create project brief, functional analysis and requirements documents
  • User journey mapping and wireframing
  • Set up and lead the design/dev/QA team, manage the project from concept to completion
  • UX/UI design, and organise and lead client demo/project status meetings