Polkadots and Ribbons is a unique events organization that caters to the creation of bespoke birthday parties, baby showers and gatherings for children with a specific focus on parent-child bonding sessions and related activities for organisations.

I was approached by Nimati Shuhaibar, the founder of Polkadots and Ribbons, to design the UX/UI for the Polkadots and Ribbons website. When I began working with Nimati I asked her to give me 3 words that describe her business style that she wanted reflected in her events website design. Her words were “stylish, fun, and slightly cheeky” and I created the perfect mix of those to come up with a unique website design that showcases her beautiful events just right. I also designed a beautiful blog for Polkadots and Ribbons and oversaw the development of the website.

My Role in the Project

  • Create project brief, functional analysis and requirements documents
  • Sitemap and information architecture
  • UI design
  • Manage the project from concept to completion